Volunteer Coordinator

Fixed term contract - Part time role - 25 hours/week

Start Date: 01 July 2021
Contract: Fixed Term (ending 31/03/22)
Salary: 14.40/hr
Hours: 25 hours

We are looking for a Volunteer Coordinator to help increase the capacity of our organisation to recruit, train and maintain regular volunteers to work on our food bank delivery and Community transport activities.

The Volunteer Coordinator will play a key role in making sure a strong volunteering culture exists within our organisation, and they will focus on ensuring that everyone who volunteers at the CAE feels valued, developed and supported and has the confidence and knowledge to undertake their roles to the best of their ability.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to: 

  • Coordinating volunteering positions and volunteers,

  • Recruiting volunteers,

  • Managing relationships between volunteers and the organisation,

  • Promoting the organisation and its volunteer accomplishments.

  • Developing a coordinated team of volunteers to join and support our caseworkers to deliver activities more efficiently

  • Monitoring and evaluating volunteering activities

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To apply, send your CV and cover letter to

Application Deadline: 20 June