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Employment Support Officer (x2) (20 Hours Per Week)

The CAE is a South-Wales based organisation that aims to inspire, support and promote BAME employment and entrepreneurship and is the only organisation of its kind in the UK that has developed solutions to support members of the BAME community who wish to find jobs or set up and grow their businesses.

We are looking for an Employment Support Officer .Under the direction of the Project Manager, the Employment Support Officer will assist in developing the employability of people from BAME background, especially Refugees and Asylum seekers. The Employment Support Officer will assist in the development of project beneficiaries through work placements and providing support tailored to their needs.

The person will be part of a team that is focused on sourcing and securing employment for and providing direct support to refugees and asylum seekers, and people from BAME background, developing their employability skills.

The individual will be a self-starter, with passion and motivation to make a difference. The individual will be a member of a team, who places a premium on quality, to ensure that the extensive range of services offered is compliant and person-centric.

Start: 10th January 2022


Employment Development

- Responsible for sourcing work opportunities/employment and providing support to Refugees and Asylum seekers in their jobs.

- To conduct interviews with the participant and other appropriate persons (stakeholders) to determine the interests and expectation of the participant in relation to work

- To develop and review the Vocational Profile of the client in preparation for work experience placement or employment.

- Conduct regular interviews with the client and other appropriate persons to determine the interests and expectation of the client in relation to work.

- To liaise with trainees, clients, parents/carers, Social Workers, Schools and any other referral

agents to identify clients appropriate to the employment service and ensure clients vocational needs are met in work placements.

- Assessing and identifying participant needs and liaising with staff in all department, such as training, and identify learning needs of clients in preparation for work

- Develop and review each client’s individual action plan and review, working with other departments, and stakeholders such as employers, on a regular basis.

- Ensure that all necessary documentation is completed prior to the commencement of the

work placement and that the participants understands fully the work placement, and/or, the transition into employment

- Support and assist both the client, and the employer, throughout work placements, and/or employment to conduct their duties.

- To develop an understanding of welfare benefits and how paid employment may affect each participants’ finances, and be up to date on local government policies and legislation in relation to employment.


- To ensure the accurate maintenance of appropriate records, statistics, client files and documentation in line with organisation, funder and data protection guidelines and reporting, evaluation.

- Ensure health and safety of clients and report any incident, or safeguarding incident, using the appropriate processes

- Keep necessary and accurate records of activities and interactions with the client and employer

- To report to the Project Manager on individual service targets using a balanced scorecard

- Regularly report on client progress and systemically maintain and organise online records including:

➢ Individual Profile

➢ Vocational Profile

➢ Job Description

➢ Work Placement or training Agreements

➢ Employer, employee and job coach reviews and evaluation

➢ Communication logs

➢ Risk assessments

➢ Health & Safety Checklist of premises

➢ Outcome Star

- Ensure regular updates and good, new stories for the website and social media. Health and Safety

- Ensure that all duties are carried out to comply with all our policies

- Ensure that all equipment is maintained in an appropriate and safe manner, with any defects being reported immediately.

- Cooperate with staff and Management to maintain our Health and Safety policy i.e. reporting and recording accidents using accident books, relevant paperwork.

- Undertake Health and Safety and Environmental training

- To comply with the organisational code of practice and attend all mandatory training to ensure compliance.

- Comply fully with The CAE Safeguarding Procedures.

- Proactively identify risks in relation to participant safety and carry out general and individual risk assessments as appropriate, ensuring that risk management procedures adhere to.

- Ensure accurate record-keeping in line with organisational data protection and confidentiality policy.

- To attend any meetings as and when required, for example, service meetings

- Ensure compliance in all activities in accordance with the organisation’s Equal Opportunities Policy.

- Conduct all activities with confidentiality and in accordance with the requirements of Data Protection Legislation and the organisation’s Policies and Procedures.

- To communicate effectively with beneficiaries in a professional manner

This list is not exhaustive and the role of the Employment Support Officer may change to meet the nature of the business and services

We are looking for individuals skilled in the following areas:

- GCSE English and Maths or equivalent (Level 2 Essential Skills)

- Experience in liaising with employers and placement providers to secure work placements and employment opportunities

- Demonstrate experience of working in a target driven environment of into employment KPI’S

- Understanding of the issues/barriers related to employment and refugees, asylum seekers and BAME groups.

- Display evidence of the values and attitudes required to work with Refugees and Asylum seekers

- Computer literacy including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, email packages and social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

- Can communicate clearly and with confidence both orally and in writing, including reporting, presentations

- Ability to work as part of a team and be flexible.

- Self-motivated and a self-starter with the ability to use own initiative.

- Access to a car & current driving licence.

How to Apply:

Please submit your CV and cover letter to It is in your interest that you are clear in your application about how you meet the essential criteria with clear examples where possible.


Deadline for Application:

30th November 2021


Week Beginning 13th December 2021

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