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Deilen Newydd

+44 773 560 2481

We work closely with ethnically diverse ex-offenders in Swansea and surrounding areas.


If you are looking to;

reintegrate into the community,

have a supportive network

or would like to access opportunities,

we are here to help.


We will support ex-offenders in our community to become EMPOWERED, INDEPENDENT, STABLE and SELF-SUFFICIENT, through our services below;


Access to Training

Enrolling into Education

Employment Opportunities​

Volunteering Opportunities

Job Interview

We are aware of the obstacles and challenges faced by individuals with a prior record, and

we are committed to helping them

turn their lives around. 


We provide a safe space and supportive network, which enables individuals with like problems to connect with each other, raising overall moral and reducing isolation. 

If you or anyone you know could benefit from this kind of support, get in touch with our caseworker. 


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