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The foodbank helped us a lot! Every week they were at our door with food in surplus that I was even able to share with others who didn’t have. 

The phone calls I received were so encouraging! I haven’t been able to speak with people due to the restrictions but having friendly check up phone calls every other week was good for my mental health.

- Sylvia

"Thanks Saskia for filling the form with me and that you made everything easier for me! You have been a great help. After two/three sessions I am feeling much better than before, as I was confused about lots of things. Saskia pushes me so I have more motivation after each meeting. I am confident that I will find my way."


I commend the work and service that The CAE provides for us who live in Swansea, The City of Sanctuary. I have had a lot of support from the organisation and really appreciate its contribution to our development. I really encourage the CEO and the team to continue the good service. Thank you CAE.


"The podcast is so relatable! All the conversations echo how I've been feeling and the tips on mindfulness and exercise have been helpful. keep it up!"


The community transport project its the best program I have ever experienced since the beginning of the lockdown in the UK. I meet people from other countries and cultures, improve my English, see views and beautiful places for the first time...


Saskia, thank you so much for your support and advice regarding my cv. I have learnt very helpful tips such as being a keen listener. I must say you are such a professional when it comes to cv writing. During my sessions with Saskia I have been able to discover abilities, skills and experiences that are beneficial towards my job searching which I would not have discovered without her help. I am also gaining confidence and able to think positively concerning my career.

Anonymous - RWE project

It was difficult for me and my family to get food during the lockdown due to safety issues, so it was so great to have the guys serve us like this. We felt like we were part of a family during these tough times as they were always there for us so we are very grateful for the work The CAE is doing for the community.


"I am really grateul to Saskia for all she has done. She unlocked skills in me that I hadn't realised I had. She really encouraged and advised me professionally. I start work soon!" - BK

The team’s support has been helpful and very supportive throughout the covid period. I was able to receive food from the foodbank and my family and I are grateful for this service - it has helped a lot.


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