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cae community transport


The Community Transport Network that Comes to You


Pick-up Service

We will help you overcome any transportation issues & where necessary we can visit you at home to provide any additional services.

Mobile ICT Services

We park in communal areas close to your home so that you can use our computer and wi-fi services.

Isolation Relief Services

Our "Walk & Talk" sessions will help you overcome social isolation resulting from the pandemic. Join us for your physical & mental well-being.

Volunteering Opportunities

If you are interested in the work we do then come and Volunteer!

As we serve the community.

Click here to apply.

Our Weekly Calendar


Weekly Shop

12pm - 3pm


P1030651 (2).jpg

Weekly Shop

9am - 12pm

walk and talk

1pm - 4pm


P1030666 (1).jpg

women's weekly

12pm - 3pm


P1030637 (2).jpg

Weekly Shop

12pm - 3pm

walk and talk

1pm - 4pm

Transportation services available, bookings can be made anytime between

8 AM and 8 PM.


Book Our Services

Do you live in the Swansea area ? Do you need help getting to work or connecting with people ? Would you like to help run our services ? Please complete the form below, we'd love to hear from you...

Which of our services are of interest to you?

Thank you, we'll be in touch very soon.

Bookig Enquiry

This project aims to enhance the quality of life of vulnerable ethnically diverse people in Swansea by developing and implementing services that enable active community participation, which encourage independence and which measurably reduce isolation.

This project will use a minibus for operating the community transport service to help people to get to their places of work and access other essential services. The project will also enable ethnically diverse people to access and participate in local activities.

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