Though 2020 unfolded in ways none of us could have anticipated, we did not lose sight of the magical moments that happened across all our work, leading up to where we are today.


Our passionate and enthusiastic team strives to provide the very best of services to our beneficiaries, ensuring that ethnically diverse communities in Swansea and surrounding areas are inspired and empowered to succeed. 

Our Services

Transforming lives of Refugees and Asylum Seekers

We work to provide holistic support to these groups, through services including overall integration support, employment support, well-being and mental health services.

Vulnerable people at the core of our work 

We continuously work to tackle poverty and issues of inequality in the communities we serve, through our person-centred approach. 

We come to you!

Our service is available to anyone who needs it, and this means we immerse ourselves in our communities. 

For the youth by the youth

Our youth services are proudly beneficiary led. We believe young people are experts of what they need, so we give them the tools they need to be empowered. 


We engaged with over 250 participants at the end of 2018/19. 84% of those engaged reported being more empowered by our services and support. And 100% of the volunteers strongly agreed that they were making a difference through their role. 


At the end of our 2019/20 financial year, we are proud to say that The CAE has provided over 1300 one to one services to the ethnically diverse communities across our food bank, core activities, Youth Entrepreneurs Network (YEN) and Inform Young Refugees (IYR) projects.


We are only halfway through our current financial year but have been able to provide expanded services to support the community in this difficult time. From September to January alone, we have provided over 1500 one-to-one support services under our Core activities.

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Our Foodbank delivery service has been a much-needed provision for the families and vulnerable individuals we serve. From September 2020, we have provided a total of 7.04 tonnes of food to our beneficiaries. This has been to 317 provisions to families and 92 provisions to individuals. 


Through our new Community Transport Project that has been running for over a month now, we have reached over 20 groups of people providing them with over 100 services! Additionally, we have a total of 632 engagements with over 200 services user groups. This has been through providing transport to and from places of work, well-being support and personal development support.

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Our Youth Entrepreneurship Network has been a shining light for guidance and support for young disadvantaged entrepreneurs. We have provided over 566 one-to-one services, assisting these entrepreneurs to progress to the next stage of their journeys. We have had over 250 people in attendance to events hosted. The newly launched YEN podcast,'The 411' has reached over 80 people  after its first season. 

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Our work with refugees has provided them with a supportive space. We provided 832 one-to-one services one our Inform Young Refugees project, including face to face and telephone support. 

our activities


At our centre, we provide activities, resources and opportunities for those ethnically diverse people who are furthest away from the labour market including:

  • Employment Support

  • Entrepreneurial Support 

  • Mental and physical wellbeing services

  • Foodbank delivery 

  • Transport Services 

  • Ex-offenders support and reintegration service

  • Housing and Tenancy support

  • Access to training

  • Climate Action initiatives and support


snapshot of the years

support us

Your support has the power to transform lives for young refugees, families and entire communities.

With your help, The CAE can continue to empower vulnerable young refugees and families to better their lives, recognise their abilities and realise their dreams. Achieved through accessing quality educational support and mentorship, development of employability and leadership skills and contribution to building inclusive community cohesion.

Support The CAE so that we can continue supporting marginalised communities. 
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