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Event Calendar & Bookings

Here are the dates of our upcoming events. To book a place at one of the events you can click on the event and fill out a form.

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Swansea COP28: Climate Justice Day of Action


Temperatures are rising. Corporate profits are rising.


Now we’re rising. The hottest summer on record. Politicians backtracking on climate commitments. Continued corporate profiteering fuelling the climate and cost of living crises. It’s time for us to take action.As world leaders gather for the UN’s climate negotiations at COP28, a climate summit presided over by an oil executive, we’re coming together on 9 December to demand climate justice.


We will meet at Castle Square, Swansea at 12pm. Bring your friends, family, colleagues and peers to stand in solidarity. We will have banners and materials to create your own message, talks and performances.


At 2pm there will be free tea and coffee available at Elysium Gallery café where we can chat and get warmed up. Hope to see you there! Feel free to drop a message if you have any questions or want to get more involved. 


Walk With Therapy Dog

Join us for a healing stroll with Ollie the Therapy Dog, to enhance your mental well-being and share joyous moments - walking slots available and can be available for solo / group walks


Call Enrique: 07707225535


Cycling Club

The CAE's bike rides take place every other Thursday 12pm-2pm. A great way to explore the region, meeting at our offices (222b High Street, Swansea, SA1 1NW) an instructor will guide the group on an interesting route (Bikes are provided).  


Wellbeing Walks

Our wellbeing walks are a great way to combat isolation, improve your mental health, meet new people and discover an unexplored part of the region. They happen once a month and will be on the last Friday of the month. We organise transport for participants. 


Family Fun Days

We organise fun activities for all ages, that bring people together and get them active. Events may include: sack races, mini-triathlon races, soccer, tug of war and Zumba to name a few. 


Employment Workshops

We collaborate with organisations such as the South Wales Police department to deliver one of a kind employment route workshops.

Climate Action Education

We collaborate with educational bodies to deliver talks and workshops that help educate participants on climate action.


Environment Centre

We toured the centre and participated in workshops terracycling, planter making and cork boarding. It was a very fun day out!


Sustainable Cooking Workshop

We partnered with the Shared plate in Swansea for this workshop where we picked fresh vegetables and used these as ingredients to make a delicious meal together; both adults and children enjoyed. 


Business Bike Rides

If you are a business person or an entrepreneur you can join our business bike rides where you will ride with our CEO. You can enjoy a bike ride and network with other business people, and also learn about how to be more successful at business.


Football Tournaments

We have organised multiple football tournaments at indoor and outdoor pitches. This is a fun competition for participants, very entertaining and an opportunity to meet new people.


Exercise Classes

We organise fun activities for all ages, that bring people together and get them active. Events may include: sack races, mini-triathlon races, soccer, tug of war and Zumba to name a few. 


Social Media Masterclass

We provide workshops that teach participants new skills that can help them with finding work or starting a business. 

Business Support

We organise social events, for people from different countries to meet and network, also discussing their business ideas.


Community Farm

Participants met and fed animals, picked fresh vegetables, did pond dipping for newts, larva and water beetles and the kids of the group enjoyed running through the fields.


Film Showing 'Thank You For The Rain'

We showed a documentary on the impact of Climate change on a Kenyan community and what Kisilu, a climate activist did to mobilise his community to combat the impact. This was followed by an insightful discourse led by climate leaders in Swansea.

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