Past events

climate action:
3 R's of sustainability

June 2021

Our latest Climate Action event took place yesterday, this session was a collaboration with the Environment Centre under their Beyond Recycling Project and saw over 15 people in attendance!


We held an exciting interactive discussion with Chris Day to explore the 3 Rs of Sustainability and learnt how to take action through Reducing, Reusing and Recycling.

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climate action:
why should we care?

May 2021

This was our very first event, hosted under our Climate Action Boost project funded by The National Community Lottery Fund. The session was hosted in partnership with Renew Wales and had over 20 people in attendance!


Our Climate Action Champion co-delivered the interactive session with the Renew Wales Coordinator Phillip McDonnell, introducing beneficiaries to what Climate Action is and how they can make small changes to their lifestyles in order to help combat Climate Change.  The session marked the beginning of our fun and activity-filled climate calendar months, with loads to keep your eyes peeled for!

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social media marketing 

February 2020

The event hosted in partnership with the Prince's Trust saw 15 young entrepreneurs come together for this much anticipated masterclass. 

Rachel Wheatley, founder of Waters Creative spoke to the business owners about how they can grow their clientele and social media presence. 

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Dragons Den meets Got talent - November 2019

As the first event of its kind in Wales, Becoming afforded the opportunity for 20+ startups to compete for £1000 and a mentorship scheme with Development Bank Wales. 

The event was well decorated with 9 judges who founded successful companies located all over Wales and the audience of over 100 was entertained by Swansea's best undiscovered talent.

This was a flagship event.

To read more about it click here.


Becoming winner Isaiah Akwari, photographed with The CAE team and volunteers. 

Language cafe

Language Exchange - March 2019

This event was held at Rumba Cafe.

It was a social event, for people from different countries to meet and network, also discussing their business ideas. They were introducing each other to their own native languages, which kept it social and quite informal.


Fair Trade and Social Enterprise

Doing What’s Needed - March 2019

The Youth Network discussed how to create a fairer world and apply fair trade ethos and values on their daily lives as aspiring entrepreneurs.

Fair Trade has expanded and entered mainstream retailing outlets, growing in visibility and market share, while simultaneously experiencing diversification of its organization models. 


Business advice clinic

January 2020

The event was hosted in partnership with Development Bank Wales and saw 10+ entrepreneurs have one on one sessions with industry professionals who advised them on their business. 

Each individual received bespoke advice and follow up support in order to grow their business and manage their finances.

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Inspiration explosion - July 2019

The Swansea Youth Entrepreneurs Network (SYEN) had the honour of meeting Valerie at the PFS offices in London on the 12th of July 2019. 

It was a great session as the aspiring young entrepreneurs had an opportunity to interact with her, asking her a wide range of questions, from business ideas to questions on building self confidence.


To read more click here.  


Valerie Moran photographed with our our Youth Entrepreneurs team.


Consultation - July 2019

The coordinators had a consultation to hear back from the network. It was aimed at getting feedback from the beneficiaries and working towards shaping better delivery in future. 

The session was held together with Big Ideas Wales.

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Genius in Madness

Mental Health Awareness - January 2019

The event was aimed at educating young entrepreneurs about mental health.

There was a panel discussion on how entrepreneurs can be affected by their mental health and the importance of it, particularly in the beginning and growing stages of a business.

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