Business Services

We offer a number of services here in The Centre to help get your business off the ground:

Assistance and support with business idea development

Assistance with writing a business plan

Help with access to external finance

Specialised mentoring & coaching course

Workshop, networking, exhibition and promotion events for African entrepreneurship

English for Entrepreneurs

Course to teach language and practical skills needed to run a business:


  • Increased competence in communicating with customers

  • Strategies to resolve misunderstandings and defuse conflict

  • Improved cultural sensitivity, customer service, community relations

  • Increased awareness of city services available (guest speakers)

Opportunity Calls

Automated monthly information calls in several languages in order to:


  • Efficiently disseminate information to merchants

  • Reach those entrepreneurs with limited English skills

  • Build bridges with other organisations and agencies

Market Research

Collect and analyse data about existing and potential markets in order to:


  • Provide vital data about customers from within and outside area

  • Assist immigrant entrepreneurs to develop market-based sales and marketing strategies

Business Clinics

Workshops held with local partners or internal business advisors to increase knowledge about:


  • Laws and regulations pertinent to their businesses

  • Short- and long-term business planning

  • Increase access to financial institutions and expert advisers

Business Technical Assistance

Dedicated staff to provide expertise to native-born and immigrant entrepreneurs:


  • Provide basic business technical assistance

  • Share information about existing resources

  • Make connections with financial, government, non-profit institutions


Business Training & Support: Empower the African Community


A seven weeks course to help potential entrepreneurs develop Soft & Communication skills, and the knowledge about running a Business in the UK.

Start the 13th of June at 10:00, Baltic House

'How To' Guides

Clear, accurate business guides to help immigrant and native-born entrepreneurs to cut through the red tape of rules and regulations: 

  • Could be general or industry-specific (e.g., coffee shop)

  • Could help steer entrepreneurs away from oversaturated fields

  • Should be checked carefully with government officials for accuracy

  • Should clearly indicate the municipality for which they apply

  • Could be translated into multiple languages


Assist neighbouring entrepreneurs to work together in order to:


  • Advocate to local government authorities

  • Organize joint efforts for marketing, security, sanitation

  • Increase buying power through group procurement

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