"The foodbank helped us a lot! Every week they were at our door with food in surplus that I was even able to share with others who didn’t have. 

The phone calls I received were so encouraging! I haven’t been able to speak with people due to the restrictions but having friendly check up phone calls every other week was good for my mental health."

                                       - SYLVIE

" The team’s support has been helpful and very supportive throughout the COVID period.

I was able to receive food from the foodbank and my family and I are grateful for this service - it has helped a lot. "

                                       - LAYLA

"I commend the work and service that The CAE provides for us who live in Swansea, The City of Sanctuary.


I have had a lot of support from the organisation and really appreciate its contribution to our development.


I really encourage the CEO and the team to continue the good service. Thank you CAE."

                                       - OTIS

" Thanks a lot to The CAE team.


The delivery service is efficient and reliable and I really appreciate it. "

                                - MESHFAL

" I mentioned that I would like to benefit from the foodbank service and the next day I had a delivery!

The CAE has been absolutely marvellous and very efficient!

The calls to check up on me have also been encouraging as I know there is a support system."

                                  - BISMARK

" It was difficult for me and my family to get food during the lockdown due to safety issues, so it was so great to have the guys serve us like this.


We felt like we were part of a family during these tough times as they were always there for us so we are very grateful for the work The CAE is doing for the community. "

                                       - PASCAL

" I just want to say thank you so much for all your support in this time, keep up the good work."

                                - IFE


We offer a number of services here in The Centre to help get your business off the ground:

Assistance and support with business idea development

Assistance with writing a business plan

Help with access to external finance

Specialised mentoring & coaching course

Workshop, networking, exhibition and promotion events for African entrepreneurship

English for Entrepreneurs

Course to teach language and practical skills needed to run a business:


  • Increased competence in communicating with customers

  • Strategies to resolve misunderstandings and defuse conflict

  • Improved cultural sensitivity, customer service, community relations

  • Increased awareness of city services available (guest speakers)

Opportunity Calls

Automated monthly information calls in several languages in order to:


  • Efficiently disseminate information to merchants

  • Reach those entrepreneurs with limited English skills

  • Build bridges with other organisations and agencies

Market Research

Collect and analyse data about existing and potential markets in order to:


  • Provide vital data about customers from within and outside area

  • Assist immigrant entrepreneurs to develop market-based sales and marketing strategies

Business Clinics

Workshops held with local partners or internal business advisors to increase knowledge about:


  • Laws and regulations pertinent to their businesses

  • Short- and long-term business planning

  • Increase access to financial institutions and expert advisers

Business Technical Assistance

Dedicated staff to provide expertise to native-born and immigrant entrepreneurs:


  • Provide basic business technical assistance

  • Share information about existing resources

  • Make connections with financial, government, non-profit institutions


Business Training & Support: Empower the African Community


A seven weeks course to help potential entrepreneurs develop Soft & Communication skills, and the knowledge about running a Business in the UK.

'How To' Guides

Clear, accurate business guides to help immigrant and native-born entrepreneurs to cut through the red tape of rules and regulations: 

  • Could be general or industry-specific (e.g., coffee shop)

  • Could help steer entrepreneurs away from oversaturated fields

  • Should be checked carefully with government officials for accuracy

  • Should clearly indicate the municipality for which they apply

  • Could be translated into multiple languages


Assist neighbouring entrepreneurs to work together in order to:


  • Advocate to local government authorities

  • Organize joint efforts for marketing, security, sanitation

  • Increase buying power through group procurement