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Our Vision/Our Welsh Dream is to pioneer a transformative shift to a truly equitable society that supports upward mobility for all, eliminating disparities between communities and shaping a system conducive for everyone to achieve their fullest potential. 

We aspire to make Wales a vibrant hub of opportunities, growth, and inclusivity, where diversity is celebrated, ambition is fostered and innovation supported.

We aim to build a future where people are not just dreaming but also living their Welsh Dream.


Our mission is to tackle problems of inequality faced by migrants, breaking down barriers for them, and supporting them to become economically active, thrive and contribute fully to society.


  1. Social Justice - We advocate for equity and fairness, seeking to eliminate socioeconomic disparities.

  2. Co-production - We believe in the transformative power of partnership working and valuing lived experience.

  3. Innovation - We continually seek new and effective ways to drive our mission, acting as trailblazers in the sector.

  4. Empowerment - We equip individuals with the tools and resources to succeed and be self-reliant.

  5. Climate Justice & Sustainability - We address the threat of climate change by supporting those most affected and working towards net-zero goals.

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Funders & Partners_Update-4.png
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We are very excited to announce our project The Welsh Dream:

A movement that is combatting the "Brain Drain" in Wales, you can watch the podcast now on Youtube, Spotify and Apple.


The Welsh Dream is empowering ambition, promoting equity and will get you thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset. 

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