279 participant engaged in our 2018 - 2019 projects. 

84% of those engaged reported being empowered through our activities.

100% of the volunteers strongly agreed that they were making a difference in their volunteering role.

Empowering BAME communities, reducing Isolation and promoting community cohesion

Since we opened the community centre in Swansea in 2017, there has been considerable improvement

in the area. 


Our activities with 100 young people a year have seen a drop in unemployment among refugees in Swansea. Our annual events during global entrepreneurship week , and our mental health awareness workshops have brought people from different backgrounds and cultures together.


Members of the local community, especially men, no longer see mental health as a taboo subject. Young people have organised their own regular mental health and wellbeing awareness events, which have reduced social isolation, stress and anxiety. 50 people a week now have access to the internet by using our IT facilities, and so far this year 35 people achieved computer work relevant qualifications with our centre. We have run a project to improve community cohesion by celebrating and showcasing the contribution of refugees into the local economy. Our Time to Work project has helped 42 people achieve a positive outcome after accessing our support: 5 got full time employment, 12 got into further education, 19 started volunteering.

Our Activities

At our centre, we provide activities, resources and opportunities for those BAME people who are furthest away from the labour market including:

- Support accessing education qualifications

- Support getting work placements

- Employment skills training

- Mentoring

- Career and CV support

- Personal development support

- Skills for work training

- Specialist one-to-one intensive support


The CAE also provides practical and easily accessible training for disadvantaged aspiring entrepreneurs, addressing the specific day-to-day challenges that people face.

Your support has the power to transform lives for young refugees, families and entire communities.

With your help, The CAE can continue to empower vulnerable young refugees and families to better their lives, recognise their abilities and realise their dreams. Achieved through accessing quality educational support and mentorship, development of employability and leadership skills and contribution to building inclusive community cohesion.

Support The CAE so that we can continue supporting marginalised communities. 

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Why we exist

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