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The CAE empowers and supports ethnically diverse communities, specifically migrants through providing a bespoke and person-centred service that meets their individual needs. 

We aim to break barriers for our community by taking a holistic approach in helping people:

  • Meet their basic needs

  • Access tools for inclusion

  • Amplify their voices

By doing this, our communities will be able to thrive, become independent and contribute fully to society. 

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We are steadfastly committed to igniting sustainable transformation through diverse pillars of empowerment. 

Through personalised programs in employability and entrepreneurship, we bolster the professional journeys of individuals ready to carve out their own paths in business or further education. 

Recognising the impact of the poverty crisis, our foodbank services, deliver nourishment directly to those who need it most. 

Our holistic approach goes beyond job support, encompassing comprehensive mental wellness initiatives, housing assistance, and benefits guidance to foster well-rounded well-being. 

In parallel, we are ardent advocates for climate justice, embedding climate awareness in our mission to nurture communities as proactive warriors against global warming. 

We are fervently invested in youth empowerment, equipping them with the requisite tools and confidence to catalyse significant social change. 

This vibrant mix of advocacy and direct support not only impacts current generations but also seeks to usher in systemic transformations that promise a brighter, more equitable future for generations to come.

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