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The exact moment our founder decided to set up The CAE was when, after intensive consultations and listening to people, he witnessed the immense potential and talent within minority ethnic communities in South Wales. He realised that by providing support, resources, and opportunities, we could unlock this potential, empower individuals, and create positive change in our local community. The journey since then has been a remarkable one, filled with challenges and successes, but driven by the strong belief in the transformative power of entrepreneurship and education.

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Supported by dedicated volunteers.

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First Grant was from The National Lottery Fund Wales.

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Where we planned a business training course in Cardiff in partnership with Cardiff University and we delivered our first accredited level 3 certificates.

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Recruitment of first paid staff: two members of staff (Project Coordinator and Project Admin) recruited to work on our Active inclusion project “First Step to Employment” funded by WCVA. The CEO still an unpaid volunteer at this point.

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Begin partnership work with organisations in Africa, Uganda and DRC projects aimed at empowering small scale farmers in rural areas. 

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Expansion into Swansea - based on the increased referrals and demand from Swansea, we decided to move our main base to the area.

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Open our office space, providing our valued service users with a welcoming environment. Equipped with computer facilities, this space enables us to host a variety of events and meetings, fostering greater interaction and collaboration within our community.

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Launch of First Inclusive Entrepreneurship Celebration.