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Impact Report Summary 2022-2023


We are delighted to share the positive outcomes of our projects for the financial year 2022-2023, made possible through the unwavering dedication of our staff and volunteers:

Core Activities:

- Employment, Entrepreneurship, and Education:

- Engaged 15 individuals in our driving project, with 3 passing their practical test, 3 passing their theory, and the rest working towards it. This initiative addresses transportation barriers and contributes to the wider economy by providing work for driving instructors.

- Improved skills, knowledge, and working experience of 52 ethnically diverse individuals through our mentoring, volunteering, and work placement activities.

- Reduced employment, self-employment, and further education barriers for 165 ethnically diverse individuals.

- Collaborated with Swansea Council to bridge the skill gap between Service Users (SUs) and job market demands, resulting in successful course placements and preparation for future employment opportunities.


Tackling Poverty:

- Foodbank:

- Addressed food insecurity, reduced carbon emissions, and supported numerous families and volunteers.

- Made 250 collections.

- Donated 12,433 kg of food.

- Provided 30,361 meals.

- Saved 39,760 kg of CO2.

- Currently serving 91 families.

- Supported 14 volunteers.

- Period Poverty:

- Provided 62 menstruating individuals with access to sustainable period products.



- Improved wellbeing, reduced isolation, and boosted self-confidence in 84 individuals participating in our wellbeing and community events:

- Active woods: 7 individuals.

- Football: 14 individuals.

- Wellbeing walks: 11 individuals.

- Dance: 52 individuals.

Climate Action:

- Trained and supported 494 individuals in climate action awareness.

- Engaged 37 volunteers in our climate change initiative.

- Reported habit changes in 183 participants.

- Reached 3562 ethnically diverse individuals with accessible climate action information.

Youth Engagement Network (YEN):

- Indirectly reached 302 young individuals via our social media platforms.

- Empowered 19 young individuals to access opportunities in employment, entrepreneurship, or education.


Together, we have made a significant impact in addressing climate change, empowering the youth, enhancing employment opportunities, tackling poverty, and improving wellbeing in our community.

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