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March into the month of marvels with The CAE! Our web page, radiating the brilliance of women's achievements under the theme 'Inspire Inclusion,' will be live and lively throughout March. Join the celebration of amazing women!


Check out the fantastic entries from our art call-out!! Feel free to explore the artists' Instagram pages by following the hyperlinks next to their stunning work.


Oseng-Rees Reflection Ltd

Visit her Instagram: @osengreesreflection



Visit her Instagram: @CrochAmyCrafts



Visit her Instagram: @conscious.mushroom


B E C K Y D A V I E S ♀

Visit her Instagram:

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Melissa Rodrigues

Visit her Instagram: @Melissa_rodrigues_art


Rubbish Reinvented

Visit her Instagram: @rubbishreinvented


Sasipia Industries

Visit her Instagram: @sasipiaindustries

Screenshot 2024-03-01 at 13.04.06.png

'All the things I never said'

A Poem by Sian Gisbon of Sasipia Industries


Maybe I was wrong and you were right 

How hurt penetrates the soul when it’s in flight 

Because I love you

And my heart seems to break 

Of how shattered compassion seems to ache 

Never caring that ones only seen in her dreams 

A life that never seems to uncover the truth

Whose words were the ones we used, 

To ask if the heart could ever stop? 

Stop loving one who could not 

Stop loving one that you yearn for so bad 

But he would never live to see the day he admits you’re like putty in his hands

So keep sucking the life right out of my heart 

I know you need to live to do your part 

But who said you had to give me this much pain

It’s like I’m cardboard and you’re a two faced game 

So please tell me how 

To turn this frown upside down

How to make myself whole again

Because I promise you, I am broken beyond repair

Feminance IG.jpg

Feminance - Finance & Self Discovery Workshop


EWelcome to Feminance - A Free Finance & Self Discovery Workshop! Join us on Mon Mar 25 2024 at 11:00 AM for a day of empowerment and learning at Founders & Co. Swansea. This event is perfect for those looking to gain a better understanding of personal finance and discover more about themselves. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and take control of your financial future. See you there!

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