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Our climate action projects are aimed at educating ethnically diverse communities in Swansea on the importance of leading sustainable lives and adopting eco-friendly practices. 


We support these communities to live these lifestyles through our Community Transport and Foodbank services which help reduce our collective carbon footprint and ensure we are making the most of available resources.


Community Farm

Participants met and fed animals, picked fresh vegetables, did pond dipping for newts, larva and water beetles and the kids of the group enjoyed running through the fields.

Environment Centre

We toured the centre and participated in workshops terracycling, planter making and cork boarding. It was a very fun day out!


Sustainable Cooking Workshop

We partnered with the Shared plate in Swansea for this workshop where we picked fresh vegetables and used these as ingredients to make a delicious meal together; both adults and children enjoyed. 

Film Showings.png

Thank You For The Rain

We showed a documentary on the impact of Climate change on a Kenyan community and what Kisilu, a climate activist did to mobilise his community to combat the impact. This was followed by an insightful discourse led by climate leaders in Swansea.

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