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Registered Charity Number 1163348 (England & Wales)

Inspiring and supporting African & Ethnic minority communities to succeed through enterprise


Created in 2015, The CAE initially aimed to fill a gap in provision for people from African background. Since then, The CAE has expanded its mission and vision to also meet the needs of all BAME communities in Wales. We are a community centre that aims to inspire, support and promote disadvantaged BAME communities.


Our work tackles poverty, inequality, and the issues and challenges faced by BAME people in Swansea and Wales. We have experience delivering a range of successful projects locally, providing practical and easily accessible training for disadvantaged people from BAME background, addressing the specific day-to-day challenges that this group faces. We provide cultural resources and opportunity structures that facilitate access to business opportunities for disadvantaged people. 


If you are a young person aged 18 to 24, or an  adult over 25 who is long term-unemployed, we can provide you with a supportive platform.  As an aspiring entrepreneur, we will connect you with local active entrepreneurs to form a network where you can thrive by learning from each other.


To create a VIBRANT BAME community where the

most vulnerable and marginalised people are

inspired and empowered. 

We provide employment assistance and volunteering opportunities

We campaign to encourage more BAME individuals to become entrepreneurs

We provide 

entrepreneurial services

at The Centre

We provide guidance and support for BAME entrepreneurs


To tackle problems of inequality and poverty by

enabling BAME individuals through enterprise and employment.


Highly competent

We seek to be catalysts of change to make the most significant positive impact with the limited resources available. This means that we are strategic in how we use our resources, limiting ourselves to addressing a few priority issues and those in greatest need. We also ensure accountability in how the resources are used. 


We seek to strengthen the capacities and address the vulnerabilities  of those we serve. This also includes encouraging development of skills and access to resources for self-sufficiency. 


We recognise the importance of good relationships and strong, mutually beneficial partnerships. We seek to put those we are serving first while being humble and learning from others.


We are passionate about those we work for and passionate in all we do. We seek to be creative and imaginative in finding sustainable solutions to addressing issues of poverty and injustice.

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